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Requiem for an Actress – Telly Savalas

Sometime in the winter of the mid-1970s, Barbara received a call to appear in an episode of Kojak featuring Telly Savalas. Savalas played a lollipop-sucking detective righteously fighting crime in New York City.

It was a very cold day in the city and Barbara was required to sit or stand in a holding area while awaiting her cue to appear in her scene. It was cold in the holding area, and Barbara was wearing her long rabbit-fur coat giving off a regal appearance.

Suddenly, a door burst open and who should appear in the doorway but the star himself, a lollipop in his mouth, very much in character, followed by his entourage.

Evidently, Savalas had to pass through the holding area to get to his dressing room.

He spotted Barbara, went over to her, grabbed her hand, knelt before her, kissed her hand, and proceeded to his dressing room without saying a word.

For those who have no idea of what Telly Savales looked like, I am including a promo-photo of the Kojak show.

Telly Savalas

Needless to say, Barbara was taken aback, but she and the other actors in the holding area had a lot to talk about.