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Requiem for an Actress – Kenny DelVecchio

In the early 2000’s, we met Kenny DelVecchio, a young man of many talents. He was an attorney and a published author of books on law. He also had a theatrical bent and was producing independent films of which he had written the scripts. He  was directing and appearing in the films also.

He asked Barbara if she would be interested in appearing in his films. She was interested and did appear in three of them: The Drum Beats Twice, Kinky Killers and Tinsel Town.

By then, I had been coaxed into getting my head shots and had appeared in several pilot episodes for potential TV shows. Kenny persuaded me to appear in one of his films and I did. I appeared with Barbara in Kinky Killers.

I am including a photo of our scene together and one in which we are being instructed on how to play the scene by Kenny (on the left).

Kinky Killers Scene

In our scene, we are strolling down this back street in a city (actually, Hoboken, NJ) when we come upon a dead body. I was given my only line in film or TV, “Holy s—t, a body.”

Kinky Killers Set