Interview Script

Interview Script


For those who don’t know me, my name is Barbara Stolfi-Maggio. I am an actress, a writer, and a film producer.  I have appeared in major motion pictures, television programs and commercials.

In addition to my activities in film production and acting, I have served as Director of Public Relations for the Hoboken International Film Festival and have served on the board of the Passaic County (NJ) Film Commission.

I am the author of a book entitled My Life with The Third Man in The Ring that deals with my father’s career in boxing and my relationship with my parents. My father was a celebrated Hall of Fame professional fight referee who maintained the name he fought under, Teddy Martin.

In addition, I have co-written a movie script inspired by my book that I plan to co-produce. The movie will be a Hollywoodized version of the book.


My Life with The Third Man in the Ring is a penetrating look into the world of boxing and organized crime. It follows the career of a man who rose through the ranks of professional boxing to become one of the sport’s premier referees and to his induction into a Boxing Hall of Fame. At the same time, it touches the shadow world of organized crime in the sport. My Life with The Third Man in the Ring probes this shadow world and how it affected his life, his family and all who knew him.

As told through my eyes, My Life with The Third Man in the Ring is a riveting story told in a no-holds-barred fashion that captures the imagination with its honesty in exposing the world that this man inhabited and the price he eventually paid.

My father was a product of his environment and socialization.  He used whatever skills he had as a boxer to get ahead and support his family. When those skills and ability failed him, he adapted to the change in his situation. He worked with the cards he was dealt, did his best to achieve in a world he could not control. My father was a complex man but also just an average guy. A good man who provided for his family in the best way he knew how. He was a strong man with a soft heart.

When and Where?

My Life with The Third Man in the Ring covers the period from the 1920’s to the early 1980’s and takes place in New York City. We plan to shoot the movie in the New York – New Jersey metropolitan area.