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Script: Third Man in the Ring – a Drama

Logline: Teddy Martin, ex-prizefighter, professional fight referee, bookmaker, mob associate, led a successful if turbulent life. When he refuses to influence a boxing match at a mobster’s (the mobster who controlled boxing at the time) request, all hell breaks loose.

Third Man in the Ring is a drama similar in tone with The Godfather, Raging Bull and Days of Wine and Roses. Teddy Martin, a professional fight referee (the third man in the ring) is a tragic hero. In this drama, we follow Teddy’s rise from a poor boy into prizefighting, into amateur boxing, into small-time bookmaking, into mob-sponsored big-time bookmaking, into a career as a professional fight referee and celebrity status only to be brought down by a mobster’s jealousy and revenge.

The script “Third Man in the Ring” is inspired by a true story as depicted by Teddy’s daughter, Barbara Stolfi Maggio, in her memoir “My Life with The Third Man in the Ring” (available on Amazon).  Her memoir won a Reader’s Favorite contest award.

The script won a Best Script award at the Hoboken Film Festival.

We are seeking representation for a damn good story.  Please let me know if you are interested in reading our script. I can email you an electronic copy.

Please contact me at:        maggiojim2017us@gmail.com 


James M. Maggio