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This is the link to our video on YouTube that we produced to give the flavor and help sell the Third Man in the Ring script.



Background for the Novel:

The novel, “Requiem for a Referee” is adapted from the screenplay “Third Man in the Ring”. The source for both the novel and the screenplay is the award-winning memoir entitled “My Life with The Third Man in the Ring (the drama outside the ropes)” written by Barbara Stolfi Maggio. The third man in the ring is, in the boxing world, the referee. In this case, the referee is Teddy Martin, Barbara’s father, The novel provides background material that could not be incorporated in the script.

Amazon.com: Requiem for a Referee: (formerly The Third Man in the Ring) a Novel eBook Maggio, James M., Stolfi-Maggio, Barbara: Kindle Store

Amazon.com: My Life With the Third Man In the Ring: The Drama Outside the Ropes eBook : Stolfi-Maggio, Barbara: Kindle Store

This novel, and the script as well, is inspired by historical facts depicted in the memoir. The main characters are Teddy Martin, his wife Dolly, and Barbara. Also featured are Dolly’s brothers Sal and Freddie, as well as her parents Mary and Nick Barone. Teddy’s parents Mary and Nick Stolfi also play a prominent role. All the characters are real.  All are no longer with us. Indeed, this novel and script could not have been written if Teddy was still alive. To put it mildly, he would never have allowed it. He was very secretive about his association with the mob.

Much of what has been incorporated in the script did occur in real life. Both the memoir and the novel have received excellent reviews and can be seen by visiting the following links:



Both the memoir and novel are available on Amazon.