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Hi, my name is Jim Maggio.

If you have browsed through this website, you have seen a description of my background.

Throughout my career as an aerospace engineer (over 50 years), my writing included the following:

  • An air-to-air electronic warfare training course
  • Software development and design documents
  • Aerospace system design documents
  • Test procedures and reports

Marrying an actress and especially after Barbara wrote her memoir, my style of writing abandoned the technical world and ventured into the creative resulting in:

  • 5 feature film screenplays
  • A script for a short video for one of the screenplays
  • Conversion of one of the screenplays into a novel
  • Organized Barbara’s memoir and guided it to be published
  • Screenplay synopses, treatments, outlines, loglines

Now, I am adding a blog of sorts that will include stories of Barbara’s life and our life together. Why the blog? That is explained in the post “Requiem for an Actress – Why Now?

I intend to add more stories as posts.

I will appreciate any comments, pro or con, regarding the website and the posts, you can contact me at: