Do Not Disturb The Dead (The Ghosts of the Palisades)

LOGLINE: A seemingly harmless teenage prank in a century-old cemetery on Halloween night releases the spirits of twins Sarah and Jonathan. Jonathan’s spirit is a force of evil who vows revenge on the teenagers who disturbed his crypt. Sarah vows to stop him. Each must find suitable humans to fulfill their vows.

PITCH SYNOPSIS: In the year 1886, a 16th birthday celebration is under way for the twins, Sarah and Jonathan, at the Bryce farm bordering the Palisades cliffs along the Hudson River. The twins’ relationship, while never harmonious, grows even worse when Sarah admits knowing Jonathan’s dirty little secret: his responsibility for the death of a neighbor’s son. Jonathan, not trusting Sarah to keep his secret, decides Sarah must die.

He seizes that opportunity when Sarah, participating in a game of Tag, ventures too close to the edge of a cliff. He gives Sarah a push to send her over the cliff. Sarah, fighting for her life, grabs onto Jonathan’s shirt sending both to their deaths. The twins are buried in a crypt on the farm property.

Flash forward to 1986. The crypt is now in the center of a small family cemetery surrounded by upper-middle-class homes We soon meet a group of 16-year old’s: Barbara and her friends: Pepper, Benny, Peter, Artie, Betty-Lou and Bruiser.

It is Halloween and Barbara challenges her friends to do their traditional run-through the cemetery at night. Once in the cemetery, another challenge is raised: the courage to peer into the crypt. They do so and all is fine until someone says, “I see something moving.”

They panic and run leaving the crypt slab ajar whereupon two sets of ectoplasm rise from the crypt interior, the spirits of Sarah and Jonathan.

Jonathan’s spirit, evil as ever, threatens to kill all those who have disturbed his crypt.

The rest of the story deals with the fulfillment of Jonathan’s threat and Sarah’s effort to thwart him.

In the end, good triumphs over evil, though some lives will be lost.