Anni Thompson

When Love’s Window Closes

LOGLINE: Beautiful Anni horribly discovers her new love is the same man who brutally raped her. When he escapes going to prison on a technicality, Anni loses faith in justice and love. When he commits another unspeakable crime, Anni’s regains her resolve for justice.

PITCH SYNOPSIS: Anni Thompson, an accomplished woman, has a heart that exudes love. Fate, however, has other plans. From a devastating loss of her parents, to a cheating husband who could not give her the child she desired, to a brutal rape, to a failed love affair with her rapist, to a denial of the justice she seeks, to the murder of her closest friend, to a final betrayal by her daughter, Anni is left wondering why God has chosen this journey for her.

Script Source: The script, Anni Thompson, is an adaptation from the novel, “The Visitor” at the request of the author Zoltan Karpathy. Zoltan’s novel is based on actual events. Upon reading the script, Zoltan remarked, “I am loving it.”