The following five pages give an overview of the scripts I have written. In two of the scripts, I have had the assistance of Barbara Stolfi. By that I mean I wrote the original script and then used Barbara’s review and suggestions to make changes.

The overview includes loglines and pitch synopses and a short description of the source material for each script.

The scripts in alphabetical order are:

(Note: The names in parenthesis are former titles of the script)

Do Not Disturb The Dead (The Ghosts of the Palisades}

The Prime Minister of the Underworld

The Third Man in the Ring


When Love’s Window Closes (Annie thompson)

The following definitions are for those of you unfamiliar with screenwriting jargon:

LOGLINE:  A Logline tells the concept of a movie in one sentence or two.

PITCH SYNOPSIS: A Synopsis is a document that gives the details of the plot of the story. A Pitch Synopsis is a shortened version that is used to sell the story.