About me

My Education, Work Experience, Since Retiring

My name is James Michael Maggio. My nickname is Jim. I am a retired aerospace engineer. I am a graduate of New York University College of Engineering with a Bachelor and a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering. I graduated with honors and was inducted into the honor societies Pi Tau Sigma and Tau Beta Pi.

Work Experience:

I spent my entire engineering career in the aerospace industry working for Republic Aviation, Grumman Aviation, Reaction Motors, Kearfott Electronics and ITT Aerospace Communications. As a consultant, I worked for ITT Electronic Systems.

I have been involved with design and systems analysis of aircraft systems for jet aircraft, various missile and rocket engine systems, guidance and control studies for various missiles.  In addition, I was software project manager for a digital voice terminal for battlefield communications, and wrote software for the Global Positioning System (GPS). As a consultant, I developed a training course for the use of defensive tactics for air combat missions.

Since Retiring:

I have busied myself in activities poles apart from aerospace and engineering. I have been involved in screenplay writing, self-publishing, editing, and feature film producing.

To date, I have written five screenplays: “Third Man in the Ring”, “Anni Thompson”, “The Prime Minister of the Underworld”, “The Ghosts of the Palisades”, and “Triumph”. Information about these screenplays can be found elsewhere in this website.

My partner in Gold Lion Productions is Barbara Stolfi, President. She wrote her memoir “My Life with The Third Man in the Ring”. Her manuscript was 400-plus hand-written pages. I took on the task of organizing the text into chapters, writing the preface and two chapters, designing the original book cover and then guiding the manuscript through the self-publishing process.